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Tell us what you want and we'll be happy to work with you to help bring your next project to life! With our current machines, we can use any of the processes on your project that require cutting, engraving, and/or etching.

If you don't know what you want, look through our catalogs (click on the button, below, to go to our 'Catalogs of Design Choices' page). The catalogs are full of clip-art and designs that should give you many great ideas for your next project.

We can use any individual designs or use multiple designs to combine and create something specifically for you. We can make customizations and/or personalizations on any of the designs in our catalogs. We can, also, take any drawing you send us and use that to create your project.

Whichever design(s) you want to use, your design choice(s) will be sized to your exact specifications. Take a look through our design catalogs and you will be assured that we have many design choices to choose from. You can customize any design with your own custom personalizations. With your idea, and our design skills, each design will be completely unique. It only takes just a little imagination, and there is no limit!



The memorial plaque examples, shown below, are of the very first two projects that we made using our new laser machine. Of course, we only keep getting better with each project that we make!

We're showing you these because they are good examples of how we can combine multiple designs and add specific personalizations. These beautiful memorial plaques were made with cedar boards that were laser engraved and etched and then clear-coated with a high-gloss spray. The pictures were taken mid-project, before final sandings and sprayings.

Dedicated Awesome Dad Memorial Plaque Laser Engraved and Etched on to Cedar Wood Board and Sprayed with a High-Gloss Clear Coating Most Amazing Grandma Memorial Plaque made out of Cedar Board that was clear-coated and says: Where a Beautiful Soul has Been, There is a Trail of Beautiful Memories Quote.
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